Monica Focsan




Monica Focsan


2006-2009: PhD in Physics, co-direction Joseph Fourier University, France/Babes-Bolyai University, Romania Thesis title: Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles and Microfabrication of Protein Structures for Biological Applications

2005-2007: M. Sc. in Physics, Babes-Bolyai University, 6 months Erasmus Research internship at Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France. Master thesis: Applications de l’absorption à deux photons à la photochimie intracellulaire in vivo

2001-2005: B. Sc. in Medical Physics, Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Physics, Romania.


Directii de cercetare:

Her current research interests involve the design of multifunctional plasmonic nanoparticles in view of biosensing and bioimaging applications, as well as their controlled coupling with various emitters in order to extend the applications field of the fabricated hybrid nanostructures. She is also interested in the development of optical, ultrasensitive, robust microfluidic biosensors for the detection of specific disease biomarkers in order to enable early diagnosis, improve diseases treatment, increase the overall survival and diminish societal costs. VISIBILITY OF THE SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY: 34 articles in ISI (IF) journals, from which 14 as a main author; Hirsh Index 13, total number of citations: ~ 450 (according to Web of Science); 5 articles in other indexed journals; 1 book; over 36 international conferences; 2 invited lectures; Director of 9 international/national grants/fellowships (total amount ~ 510.000 euros); Member in other 12 research grants; Researcher ID: C-3242-2012.



Design of controlled plasmonic nanosensors;

Spectroscopic (UV-Vis/NIR), dynamic light scattering (DLS) and zeta potential measurements;

Steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy;

Optical microscopy.

Publicatii recente:

  1. M. Potara, M. Focsan, A. M. Craciun, I. Botiz, S. Astilean, Polymer-coated plasmonic nanoparticles for environmental remediation: Synthesis, functionalization, and properties chapter in New Polymer Nanocomposites for Environmental Remediation, Elsevier - (2018) 361–387. (doi)
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  3. M. Focsan, Boglárka Hampel, Gábor Kovács, Zsolt Czekes, Klára Hernádi, Virginia Danciu, Ovidiu Ersen, Maria Girleanu, Lucian Baia, Monica Focsan, Zsolt Pap, Mapping the photocatalytic activity and ecotoxicology of Au, Pt/TiO2 composite photocatalysts, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering - (2018) -. (doi)
  4. M. Focsan, Laurentiu Susu, Andreea Campu, Ana Maria Craciun, Adriana Vulpoi, Simion Astilean, Monica Focsan, Designing Efficient Low-Cost Paper-Based Sensing Plasmonic Nanoplatforms, Sensors 18 (2018) 3035. (doi)
  5. A. M. Craciun, M. Focsan, K. Magyari, A. Vulpoi, Z. Pap, Surface Plasmon Resonance or Biocompatibility—Key Properties for Determining the Applicability of Noble Metal Nanoparticles, Materials 10 (2017) 836. (doi)
  6. A. M. Craciun, M. Focsan, L. Gaina, S. Astilean, Enhanced one- and two-photon excited fluorescence of cationic (phenothiazinyl)vinyl-pyridinium chromophore attached to polyelectrolyte-coated gold nanorods, Dyes Pigm. 136 (2017) 24-30. (doi)
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